OakmanResetButtonA Network to Help Reset Your Debt and Plan Your Financial Future

We work with partners who can assist you with other legal and financial recommendations, when required, while rebuilding your financial future.

They will provide you with the best solutions for your individual needs. These partners provide the same high quality level of customized service, expertise and understanding you will find at The Oakman Group. If you would like more information about our Partners, please contact Brad or Cathy.

Partner Testimonials

Credit Canada Logo“They create the same connection, the same caring with clients as we do.” – Credit Counsellor
InvestmentSolutions“My reputation is on the line when I provide a referral. They put the client first and that’s how I operate as well.  If I found myself in need of the services of a trustee, I would want The Oakman Group.” – Ahilya Sawh
RECI“Their response time is outstanding. And they will go to my clients, they will go above and beyond.” – Dan Cardinal
“I refer clients to The Oakman Group because Brad and Cathy provide clients with options and a plan to move forward.” – Soma Jegadeva B.BA, CPA, CGA